Eko'7 Gold Series 3 Therapies

Do you know that feeling of warmth and comfort? And that desire to stay a little bit in bed?
It is what you will feel with the Gold Series Mattress. It promotes a unique experience of comfort and technology, generating the rest and relaxation you deserve, with deeper and more restful night's sleep.

1. Treated profiling
2. Special sock for flame prevention
3. Magnets and IVL inserted into the profile surface
4. High resilience layer
5. A layer of joint comfort
6. Medium impact layer
7. High strength orthopedic housing
8. Leveling layer

• Assists in obtaining correct posture
• Helps in blood circulation
• Helps in the improvement of the respiratory system
• Relaxes the muscles, leaving it free of tensions
• Helps in the treatment and prevention of insomnia and headaches

Product specifications
• Height: 12.6 in
• Italian Velvet and Suede fabric
• Mesh top

* Doesn't include Foundation/Box spring

Special condition up to 48 payments with 0% APR.* 
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**Need to apply for a Synchrony Credit Card